Sunday, August 21, 2016

Begin Again lyrics - Begin Again

There are times in life when you want it so bad
That you hold too tight and you kill it so dead
It's been done before
it will be done again
Like the tides at shore
Like the fire and the wind
For so long , Everytime now, so long
all will see
all will breathe
Oh I ll begin again and it hurts oh so you really understand
And the waiting days
there is no one waiting
It's just all a ghost that we’ve all been making
And every time I turn my head soo wrong
All will see
All will breathe
Oh I will begin again
And it hurts so I will really understand
For soo long
Soo long so long like the tides at shore
like the fire and the wind
I will breathe
I will see her
I'll begin again